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Crain Communications
A un Online Ad Operations Manager le preguntaron...21 de febrero de 2013

Unexpected - if I weren't unemployed would I still take this position and why?

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Yes i have tha experience in the field and good skill knowledge,

I'm also ready interview attendees

Depends on what the role is, and based on my skill set and what I can offer this organization would be the deciding factor of me taking this role! Menos

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Horizon Media

What is your typical work day like where you are currently employed?

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Sorry didn't mean to down-vote, I found this very helpful, thank you!

There is a list of daily tasks I must accomplish but the day-to-day is not always the same since I work with multiple clients. (I gave examples of situations I am currently facing and how I am handling them). Menos

A un Ad le preguntaron...14 de abril de 2019

Data related questions were asked

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Questions were not difficult. It was language problem with Chinese. They can not communicate in any other language except Chinese. Menos

Deepak Singh


If the temperature goes from 20 to 25 Celcius. What is the percent change?

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20 Percent

it's 25%. You probably didn't get the job.

Introduce your self? How do you know about mediamint? What you know about mediamint? Why should i hire you? What will you do if i not selecting you?

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Just given confident answers to Interviewers and finally end of the day they gave me an offer letter Menos

v2 Ventures

Do you like to work in a team environment or alone

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I like to work in a team, but it is important to be proactive

Weather Channel

give an example of how you handled an upset client.

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Are you serious? Of course I gave a textbook answer to this which gave the interviewer ZERO insight into my actual thinking. Menos


Questions about past experience and other things that pertain to why i should be an ad ops manager at Yieldmo.

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How do i see myself contributing to the company.


What are the third party platforms you’ve worked with?

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Dv360, facebook, adwords

Mirror Digital

How do you think we should handle things differently because of the changes mandated by the GDPR?

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Kind of a 'gotcha' question. I gave a generic answer.

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