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Crain Communications
A un Online Ad Operations Manager le preguntaron...21 de febrero de 2013

Unexpected - if I weren't unemployed would I still take this position and why?

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Yes i have tha experience in the field and good skill knowledge,

I'm also ready interview attendees

Depends on what the role is, and based on my skill set and what I can offer this organization would be the deciding factor of me taking this role! Menos

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Virtual Employee

Tell me more about how Paid Advertising works and how you can handle the different situations.

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I have explained my work experience, that how I handled client's expectations and how did I complete my task. Menos


How would you optimized a campaign

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Name one client at ResearchGate


How did you spend your day today?

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I've been preparing for my interview :)


Which is the best performing creative based on this data? Feel free to be creative (no pun intended) and outline your thought process


When are you available for a call?

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Any time.


People say Zynga doesn't have any culture. What is your take while doing your research?

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There's no right or wrong answer. This company is not for everybody. Changes happen all the time. Menos


When do you have time for a call?

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With times.


Give a specific set of recommendations based on this data.

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I used SQL to analyze the data and visualized it using google sheets.


How do you resolve an issue with an account manager?

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