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Actuary & Medical Recruiting
A un Actuary le preguntaron...10 de agosto de 2017


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None, re-worded the job description when I started asking questions.

Applicant: I am not sure I understand. You want me to enroll in a class and pay you a fee up front? Recruiter: Are you sure this is for you? Have you had this, that, and the other class? Applicant: Doesn't your fee come from the hiring company? I meet the descriptions of the job. Recruiter: I don't think this is for you. I need to shove more mashed potatoes in my mouth. Menos


Why you are leaving the current job?

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I feel like i'm ready to take on more responsibility i want to devlop a new skills that ins't required in my current job Menos

I feel like i'm ready to take on more responsibility i want to devlop a new skills that ins't required in my current job Menos


Explain the Bornhuetter-Ferguson method.

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Be able to articulate that this is a weighting between development of historical losses (chain-ladder) and an expected loss ratio. Menos

In BF method we consider basic chain ladder merthod i e past patterns as wellas loss ratio i.e clain per unit of premium related to current data. So it provide a good combination . Menos

GPM Investments

how you prepare for exam

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How many cubic feet in a cubic yard? I was just so caught off guard by this as he just pulled it out in the middle of the interview when I was talking about my current job.

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BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina

Estimate the number of gas stations in the US.

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I don't remember my estimate, but the point of the question is that the actual numerical answer doesn't matter. All that matters is that your answer is logical and would give you some decent pathway to calculating a real answer. Menos

Hymans Robertson
A un Actuary le preguntaron...18 de diciembre de 2019

What is your favourite team you are part of and why

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Hey there, any possibility I could get an idea of the questions they asked you? Thank you. Menos


Focus on technical skills based on the job qualifications

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If you have it on your resume as a technical skill (AXIS, APL, TAS, etc) be able to share how you have used it. Menos

John Hancock

Technical question I do not know

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Have no aswer

John Hancock

They were interested in technicals skills and products I worked on. The LTC area seemed to be an area where there was opportunity for someone with detailed expertise in pricing valuation and review of experience data.

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Provided examples of more difficult situations that I had dealt with in areas of non forfeiture testing , product design in areas where there was more risk and volatility. They were very nice and professional. The lady from HR asked me what my ideal job and work environment was. I felt they were working in a good manner to ensure they got a good match. Menos

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