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A un Actuarial Analyst le preguntaron...4 de diciembre de 2022

Why do you want this internship? What do you know about being an actuary? What are your goals for this internship? What do you already know about our company? Please list some of your greatest strengths and weaknesses. How did you hear about this internship?


Why did you pick this field?

Oliver Wyman

What is your favorite package/function about each of the technical skills on your resume?


Most of the questions are asked you about your resume

Swiss Re

Why actuarial science? Describe a situation...


Asked so many behavioral questions. Almost all "tell me about a time when ______". Not difficult questions but felt redundant after a certain point and felt like I had drawn upon every possible experience

Elevance Health

They had me do an Excel interview, so make sure your Excel basics are solid; also communicate your thought process for everything.


Mostly about me and then one or two general knowledge questions

Foresters Financial

Can you describe a time where you had a disagreement with a colleague? How did you overcome this?

Guardian Life

What made me interested in life insurance?

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