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A un Actuarial Assistant le preguntaron...29 de octubre de 2012

(Analytical test in excel) At the end of 2006 we had 800,000 Policies in Force (PIF). 75% of those policies were Preferred (in one of our preferred companies). What annualized growth rate would be needed to increase non-preferred PIF by 40,000 policies over two years?

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how did you generate this formula?

how did you generate this formula?

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas | HCSC

I have a deck of 52 cards. I take one and throw it away. I pull the next one. What is the probability it is a king?

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The 1st is a king and the 2nd a king or not a king and the 2nd a king. (4/62)×(3/61)+(58/62)×(4/61)= Menos

52 rather than 62

And 51 rather than 61

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GEICO is ranked 4th in a state with 5% market share and is growing 10% per year. Allstate is ranked 3rd with 6% market share and is growing 5% per year. About how many years will it take GEICO to pass Allstate?

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answer is 11

Premera Blue Cross

Describe a time when you were faced with adversity, and you knew you were going to fail, and how did you manage it?

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Using a problem/action/resolution framework. Convincingly explain why failure was unavoidable and how you minimized the impact of that failure. Took early action to shut down a project that was certain to fail, implemented workarounds or patches to minimize or eliminate end user impact, took steps to protect the budget, etc. Menos

Reinsurance Group of America

Your work experiences with VBA?

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Described a macro I made for a course

Principal Financial Group

What are your strengths and weaknesses

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Strong communication and collaborative skills. A weakness was underdeveloped technical skills. Menos

Combined Insurance

They asked about past work experiences that were relevant to position I was interviewing for

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I explained some projects I worked on in my last job. I talked about my background. It was mostly conversation and less of a direct question/answer situation. Menos


no unexpected question. Suggestion: prepare question about Geico's market share, history, state and all content in your resume.

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Questions like: why choose to be actuary? Do you know what GEICO's actuary are doing daily? Menos


Where do you see yourself in ten years? Why do you want this position?

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Graduating from Grad school. A supervisor at Geico.


How did you hear actuary this profession?

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