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Grace Home Health Care
A un Activities Assistant le preguntaron...19 de enero de 2012

How to handle a physical altercation between two seniors/

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Defuse the situation sit down and talk to each individual to come up with a solution. Menos

I will try sit down and talk to them both individuals to try solve the problem.

Try to separate them, and talk to them

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Describe yourself in 3 positive words.

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positive: take the initiative-when I see issue that could be a problem I volunteer a suggestion-for example during a recent activity at my summer job I could see the head teacher was going to have to keep talking to one disruptive student so I asked if I could take him outside and she said yes so we stayed outside for a few moments until I felt he was ready to go back to class organized and detailed-as a tutor I kept a binder with each student's work, progress notes, attendance and monitor marks kids get for good behavior as an afterschool instructor activity planning-I have become better at using school resources and internet to develop activities for students work on: overworrying-sometimes I overworry about what needs to be done but it helps me get started sooner volume of voice-sometimes when the class gets too crowded or there is an exceptionally difficult student I may feel unable to handle the situation effectively but I am beginning to follow the techniques other teachers use such as using a firm voice to get attention if needed then use one of their attention getters Menos

I used words like patient, empathetic, enthusiastic, etc. Think about what parts of your personality would make you great to work with kids. Menos

Central Baptist Village

Can you lift 50 pounds every day multiple times per day, including tables by yourself four times a day?

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I can list 40 pounds but not 50 pounds.


Brookdale Senior Living

Do you have any experience with the seniors/activities?

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Yes . I am a caregiver am still and will be done with my job here in california on the 15th and move to colorado on the 17th and look for the same job as well. I experience caregive for a year and half Menos

Bridgeway Senior Healthcare

What is your biggest strength?

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I always see the good in any situation. I turn any negatives into positive and see the glass half full. Menos

I'm always ready for a challenge and able to adapt to any situation.

Bonaventure Senior Living

What experience I had doing activities

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I have worked in many assisted living facilities and did activities in all of them. Menos

For about 6 years before my father passed on I have being the person feed clear clothing and given him medication. During the washing and preparing food for him without anyone to assist Menos

Sunrise Senior Living

Personality questions

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Just be honest, the worst that can happen is u do not get thd job. Look at every interview as a learning experience Menos

Your negative traits

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staying on top and consistent with scheduling

Carrington Court

How do you communicate with individuals who suffer from dementia?

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Get employee comfortable ,explain what has to be done , show steps, listen to what they are saying. Keep them positive. Menos

What's your job history?

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I showed her my resume and answered questions about it.

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