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A un Associate Account Strategist le preguntaron...2 de diciembre de 2014

If you wanted to bring your dog to work but one of your team members is allergic to dogs what would you do?

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I would leave my dog at home

Give him benedryl

Non-drowsy of course

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If Google decided to charge g-mail users, how would you recommend implementing this? Would it be sustainable and what would be the advantages and disadvantages?

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Since it's a Google Interview question, we've got to give an answer, even if a paying Gmail doesn't make sense since the business model is on advertising. I would go for a freemium model with an enhanced functionalities+ awesome interface Gmail client, working offline, unlimited space (1To for instance). Target would be 5% customer base of 1billion =50millions paying customers Fee : $2 /month Revenues = $1.2b /year Menos

The first thing Gmail users will want to know is WHY...all of a sudden...Gmail is not FREE?? And Google should expect to cause a panic in the minds of their customers. Because, if "I have to pay for Gmail...that must mean that soon, everything on the internet will follow suit." In this regard, I hold that charging money to access and utilize Gmail is not a sustainable business concept. In fact, the feeling of betrayal within the hearts and minds of Google's customers is THE most significant disadvantage. However, if it MUST be so that Google charges users to access and utilize new and existing Gmail accounts; well, quite candidly, the greatest advantage would be a significantly positive impact on profitability. Considering, of course, that some new "breakthrough" is implemented into Gmail (first as an Upgrade option for paid service, then standardized across the board for all users). The said "breakthrough" created by Google, in this example, would most certainly demand a marketing campaign centered around coaching the global public on HOW and WHY Google is changing the way we all think about email. Wow! -- The "WOW" factor created in the hearts and minds of Google and Gmail customers will need to be embedded, repeated, delivered in as unique a way as you wish your customers to identify Google with innovation--changing the world...not changing my bank account!! Thus, the decision to charge Gmail users should take into account the emotions of all Google customers, and all Internet users. And the families that will be affected by this net deficit to multiple family members, simultaneously, all paying for email service; and the take-home pay of those family members that will be stretched further than it already is, to include paying for ONE (or 2, 3, 4...) MORE fixed cost every month. Menos

C Free

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Bench Accounting

Which game of thrones character I like

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Sorry, I do not watch that show.

The little guy, he, ahem, "goes around" a lot.

Therion. I love his sense of humour.

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Highmark Health

"How did you handle a situation where the customer was upset?"

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My go to answer is to always remain calm because people feed off of energy. Also, to listen, understand, apologize and find a solution to assist. Don't know if this is the best answer but it has always worked for me in my experience with servicing upset customers. Menos

I have an interview with them tomorrow and i am extremely nervous!!! Can you remember any other specific questions they asked? I need to prepare myself 100% lol! Menos

"What are some qualities that would make you successful in the CS field?" "What do you expect of your co-workers/ supervisor?" Menos

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journal entry for credit purchases and credit sales. golden rules of accounting diff between cash flow and funds flow what is the journal entry in pass book for depositing cash into bank

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Bank A/c Dr. cash A/c Cr.

Bank A/c Dr. cash A/c Cr.

Bank a/c Dr. To Cash a/c

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Name a time where you had to tell someone something they did not want to hear

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When I told my fitness manager that management was not his strong suit

That his friend killed himself

Telling my son that his friend killed himself

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United States Steel

Why is it important to follow the safety rules at the plant

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Safety is a Core Value at USS and everyone should go home after work just as they started it that day SAFE Menos

This is an interesting read:

Safety is first priority

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S&P Global

Why are you interested in this job?

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i can improve my self in your company because there fininacal institution I'm interested I'm MBA completed your company environment seems it has a well climate that wise I can interested in your company. Menos

It seems that it has a good environment and has a US process as well. Moreover,I believe, I can improve myself by contributing in the company Menos

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What would you do if your client drops 50% in sales? (Due to recession in the economy)

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If its due to recession that is external causes. However there are a couple of approaches to take: 1. Analyse the industry to see if the other companies have sales revenue decrease 2. Advice the client to switch market segment or decrease prices. Menos Menos

Tell me about a time you had a difficult client? What went wrong? How did you deal with it? Menos

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I have ping pong balls that I want to ship across the ocean in a freight ship. How many can you fit?

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- What is the shape of the ping pong balls? The shape of a ball is a ball, man =) It's better if you find the answers by yourself on this questions. The key element they want to know is how can you think and look for the answers in the world around you. You should better predict all measurable values, than ask about them Menos

and predict doesn't mean you just say ....hmm let it be 22. No. You should say that you saw a stap on one of balls with it's mass equal to 1g. And you saw a picture with a cargo ship near a man in dock so it's like 10 floor building and each floor is 3m calculate Menos

Make sure to ask clarifying questions. - How big are the ping pong balls? - What are the dimensions of the ship? - What is the shape of the ping pong balls? Menos

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