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Preguntas de entrevista para Junior Designer en ZEAL Group

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WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! (Applying for Raffld) The process itself - sending in my application, a phone interview, a design assessment asking for 3 final outcomes in a quick turnaround - they then confirmed my interview date, which I was told I would need to wait over 2 weeks for. After over a month long process they then sent me a nonchalant email a few days before my interview telling me it was cancelled to hire someone internal (even though theyre a team of less than 10), by which point I had already booked they day off work (they were aware I currently have a job) and arranged travel plans to London at the location they sent to me.

Respuesta de ZEAL Group

20 sept. 2018 – Employer Representative

I understand your anger and we are terribly sorry to have inconvenient you that much. Sometimes companies have to make U-turns in recruitment but we did not want you to waste your time as the role was not available anymore. However, we do apologise. As we offered before, please send us your train ticket receipt, we will reimburse you. I hope that will make it a little bit easier. All the best, Rebecca

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