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Why should we hire you? Why Global Foundries? How to manage with pressure/stress? Times when you need to convince your boss? And bunch more behavioral questions (right from the HR questions book or something- Just google them before interview)


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Hi, Was there any kind of technical questions. Did you had any chance to look at the fab where you will be working?

Nisha en


Hello Nisha, For me, the interview was more focussed on explaining the job details by the Managers who interviewed me. Not a Single technical question was asked. Not even any technical stuff form my PhD research. I felt- the interview was to just have a conversation with me and explain what is expected for the position before giving me an official offer letter. I didn't get a chance to look at the fab as the interview was only for 2.5 hrs. hope this helps, if not - you can get back to me on glass door.

Sam en

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