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It's worthy to mention that during the interview, I was told some concerning information regarding the role: There would be moments when I'd want to "jump out the window" because of all of the work. A high ranking telephone company employee was hired and they weren't able to hack it so they needed someone who could pull long hours, all from the office. There is no working from home. Period. At the office, one walk through showed that COVID restrictions aren't followed in the office (masks off, coworkers sitting very close to each other, etc.). Also, the role would work closely with the CEO who "doesn't give positive feedback often but always let's you know when you've messed up". It was also mentioned that the CEO has "Spanish sense of humor" and might make comments like "What's up with that skirt?" as the interview told me he'd recently said to her. Lastly, it was concerning that the second interviewer in the room seemed not only disinterested from the moment we were introduced but appeared to nearly fall asleep during the interview. The second interviewer asked zero questions. The position was really interesting but there seemed to be too many red flags that even the HR department was too comfortable with.

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