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Why do you believe you are the appropriate candidate for the position?

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Hard working, efficient and friendly!

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I believe I am the appropriate candidate for this position because I've been working on personal injury for a little over 2 years. I know exactly the frustration of the client(s) in these situations, and I know the stressful enviroment as an employee, however, I believe that it is my job to explain the process of a claim from the beginning to the end to our client(s) to help avoid any misunderstandingd. I believe that instead of giving a client a time frame for their claim they one of my strongest qualities are making the client(s) feel comfortable no matter how long the process takes and tp ne consistent with their treatment. I have worked a file from opening claims to getting them ready for demand but I am more than willing to learn anything that is required from the firm. Whether it is negotations in medical bills. I am a quick learner and have worked 120+ files. If I am considered for an interview I would like to discuss further as why I believe I am a good candidate.

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