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What would you do if you had to hire 10 Dutch speakers with F&A experience in 2 weeks?

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Good question. Let me attempt to answer it. I would suggest first to contact all Recruitment agencies we work with ASAP and communicate the urgency of the openings. Second, depending on the number of HR people that can help with this, we start looking through our own database as well as post Ads to as many best job portals that we can, depending on the Advertising Budget we'll get for these openings. Third, make sure that the HR people and all colleagues that would be involved in the recruitment process are up to date and realize the urgency and required expediency of the situation after we have sourced a good number of relevant CVs, I'd say at least 15 good CVs - 20 is best. Of course, the success/failure of this situation is relatively highly dependent on the Site of the Company in question. If in Europe and in The Netherlands - easy. If outside Europe, quite difficult. I hope this answer helps someone in the future. Kind regards, Mariyan Zhelev Recruiter

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