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What is the hardest thing in moving a team to Agile?


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It's the people. Getting them to understand the Agile concept, then utilize it. Some developers never get "Fluid Requirements". They want final requirements and that's it.

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1. Communication. Frequent communication from the developers to ensure problems are raised and solved 2. Team needs to learn how to ship products with low-pri bugs

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- New team (everyone is still forming, norming, storming) so hard to estimate and collaborate - Distributed team members (works best if teams are collocated) - Strong, individual performers. Agile is about team work. - Not having a product owner - etc.

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Personalities and level of comfort of the development staff. Some team members can resist change they don't understand. The key is in presentation of the core of Agile/Scrum and not in the buzzwords or trendiness - emphasize the minimized reaction to positive developments and test/missed Architecture or requirements, the daily standups being the only real hassle, etc. You pitch it to the team member's values and sense of worth, as being an improvement to empower the coder and add worth. The next hardest thing is convincing a skeptical management, PMO, Systems Engineering staff, and probably best to not mention it to the Customer for a release or two.

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Not hard but varies so speak to your experience, there is not right answer for this.

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