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What do u think of this poster with a man walking on a tight rope.


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My name is jesuraj. I am from tiruchirappalli, tamil nadu, india. Bakery and confectionery department,college name sree balaji college of hotel management and catering technology, 2004 to 2005. 10year experience. current position pastry cdp. currently working on the cake box.

Anónimo en


It speaks of balancing tight deadlines

Wahidah en


Balancing everything from tight schedules and micro politics inside the office. This is a 20% physically demanding and 80% mentally as straining. So you should learn to balance verything

Benjamin Allen H. Burgos III en


There are several things one can learn from walking the tightrope. 1)Look far. Identify the goal. 2)Never look down. The rope is your best friend. The rope is just like a working partner. Once you trust your rope, the rope will bring you across to your goal. 3) Maintain Balance. Work life balance. 4) Working with the pressure. Be it from work or family. Learning to work with pressure just like one has to shift his physical pressure (workload) on the rope as well as the mental pressure (work datelines and expectations and family ) of not falling off and reach your goals safely. 5) Never look back. Once on the rope, there is no looking back.

Than Ching Nam en


It speaks of balancing tight deadlines.

Anónimo en


Focus on your Mark with dateline and balancing your self

Sureshkumar Subramaniam en

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