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What degree is the clock at 2.15?


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The minute hand will be at 3 (perfectly vertical), and the hour hand will be a quarter of the way from the 2, so 30*(3/4)=22.5 degrees.

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I agree with the methods mentioned above. But, an approximation is probably a lot easier to do, and will be a lot simpler. Imagine both the hands of the clock are at twelve. The minute hand in theory would have to travel 15 minutes, and the hour hand would have to travel IN THEORY, 10 minutes. Now, we know if the minute hand were to travel 15 minutes from minute 0, it would form a 90 degree angle. Therefore, it travels 6 degree/minute. The hour hand will definitely not be travelling 6 degree in a minute. But, for simplicity sake, lets ignore that for now. Consequently, for the hour hand to be at two (which realistically it won't be), it has to travel 10minute*6deg/minute = 60 degree. The difference between the degrees traveled by the minute hand and the hour hand should give you an approximate answer, i.e. 90 - 60 = 30 degree APPROX. Hope this helps! Good luck in your career search fellow aspiring actuary!

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you can calculate it easily, no need exact answer, just tell them your step

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Hands will be on the 2 and the 3. 360 degrees in a circle divided by 12 numbers on a clock = 30 degrees

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