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They like to give lots of compliments to make you do the work on a so-called a project to work on, a homework. It is a device to have you do work for their company.

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It is a cheap way to get free work out of candidates, although I found out the offer was already made to another candidate. I do not recommend this company.

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Dear Sir or Madame, we are very sorry, that you feel that way. I can assure you, that none of the work which candidates give in this interview will be used by the company as an asset or for marketing purposes. This already is part of the nature of the tasks. They are too generic to be used for our highly specialized marketing campaigns. We can understand your frustration about having prepared a presentation for hours, and going through three rounds of job interviews, only to get rejected in the end. And we also are sad to reject candidates in the third round. But you for sure can understand, that we can only take the best candidate out of all applications. We hope that you later can look back at the interview process as a leaning expirience, and find your dream-job somewhere else. Yours Sincerely Josef

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