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There's three bags of marbles. One back contains black, one contains white and one contains black AND white. Each bag is labelled INCORRECTLY. You are to label the bags correctly by only drawing one marble from one bag. Which bag do you draw from? a) bag labelled 'white' b) bag labelled 'black' c) bag labelled 'white and black' d) none of the above


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I'm not sure if this is correct but i said, c. kKeep in mind, the labels are incorrect.

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C. the correct label is either white + white or double black, just take one and see the colour of that, you will figure it out

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Since ALL labels are incorrect, the answer is C) white and black. That way you know the colour you're pulling from that bag is definitely the colour of all the balls in that bag (since it can't be a mixed black and white ball bag) From there, you just switch the labels around making sure ALL labels are moved to another bag, since they are ALL incorrect at the start.

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