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The post demand for experience and skills in both project management and sourcing management. Therefore, many key questions was asked within these areas of management.

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In the conversation, I have mentioned project sourcing / procurement is playing an important role and needs competency in a project management. In my current company we do admire the ability to manage projects has become an increasingly important skill. And we do encounter the situation the project failure and not able to successfully lead projects which is due to a deficiency of the necessary management skills. Always what are the important skills and experience that project and sourcing management should consists of, we divide into two major areas - the soft skills and hard skills. . 1) soft skills consists of :- He or she should be a good leader but also a good facilitator. As the project management involves various department, the interpersonal skills like leadership, effective communication, negotiation, influencing, problem solving and decision making etc. all these skills are important to lead project and making project successfully launch within the project timeline. 2) hard skills is more related to technical areas on how to make sure the project deliverable. For example making project schedule, work out the ARCI chart, dig out critical path diagram and its barriers, plans project budgets, and be able to present the entire project situation etc. To equip these hard skills will help the team to lead the project within the timeline and reflect the problem, barriers when it occurs so as to help the team to make necessary correction during the project stage. On top of these skills, in fact the essential of flexibility, analytic, relationship, teamwork skills are also very important to have when managing a projects. Leading a project and make sure its successful launch to the market within the project timeline, just like taking a taxi. If you cannot tell the driver the destination to go, the direction and route to drive, the driver could take longer time to the destination or going to the wrong place. Instead if you knows it, then you are the right one to “drive” the driver to the destination within the expected time.

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