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it requires you to grasp the basics of their marketplace success, here's the questions you can expect
a. Write a press release announcing a partnership with one of the larger chains of restaurants/ grocery stores
b. Imagine you're the GM in Chile and until now Glovo was the clear winner in the market. A competitor has entered the market and Glovo growth has started to go negative. Write an email you'd send the team outlining immediate executions in order to maintain winning position
c. you get a notice from ministry of labour around our business model being illegal in your country. This would create a massive tax burden on us, please walk us through your immediate steps and long term strategy to mitigate this issue
d. Glovo has just launched in X country but failed to get the expected traction. Analyse data and write down important observations.
e. What city would you launch next if you could pick any in the world. Please walk us through your thought process.
f. Analyse the attached P&L and develop a BUSINESS PLAN to reach consistent profitability over the next 6 mos.
g. how would you create and rank a lead list of content ( restaurants) in Nigeria

Candidato a entrevista el 24 oct. 2019

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