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Worst thing was happen their. Its a small. Even though a small I thought this will be a best place to learn. They gave me a task the eclipse was not open, their is a problem and they told me to fix it. they told me to fix the problem (did I came for that, I don't know). Then laptop issue no network connection happen in that laptop. They didnt provide me some other laptop. They just simply told to leave(finish &mail us from ur home) just only 2min + standing 10min not asking anything or interviewed me. For god sake I travled 2&half and I got only this.

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Initially I applied via Internshala for this internship.It was a research intern on Internship in Natural Language Processing/Machine Learning/Text Mining/Data Science. After getting shortlisted based on the questions asked while applying for internship on Internshala there was a telephonic interview.

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  • The questions pertains to the previous projects that i have done in fields of NLP and ML.
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