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Suppose you start up your computer and the motherboard splash screen appears, but it's followed by a black screen with a blinking cursor. What do you think that is, and would you do?


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I would surmise that there is no OS on the system or a hard drive or video card malfunction. I'd reboot the computer and go into BIOS setup. There I would make sure that the harddrives are found and the video card is functional. In most BIOS', the host OS is listed. If all are fine and dandy. Then I would see if there was an onboard vga port I could change the monitor and check that.

Tariq Rashid en


Just to add to what Tariq said. To bypass a lot of needless troubleshooting I would check to see if there is a USB flash drive plugged into the computer. If Yes remove and restart! If no see above.

Aubrey en

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