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Actualizado el 12 dic 2016

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Solicité el puesto por otro medio. El proceso duró 1 día. Acudí a una entrevista en Shin Sung Souvenir (District Heights, MD)


I responded to a very vague craigslist ad. The owner emailed me to set up an interview. The spelling/grammatical errors in his email were red flags, but I ignored my senses and confirmed the date anyway. On the day that we agreed on, I showed up to the address provided. When I knocked on the door, a hispanic lady answered and seemed reluctant to let me in. I told her I was there for an interview, to which she replied "I no think so" and suggested that I try the business around the corner. So I walked over to that place, and of course, the guys inside told me they weren't the company I was looking for. So then I walked back to the door I originally knocked on and asked for the owner by name. The hispanic lady still had no idea who I was talking about. Then the owner finally came out of his office and told her to let me in. I later found out that he gave me a fake name in his emails, hence the hispanic lady not knowing who I was asking for. Red flag number 2. He also spoke in broken english, which explains the sketchy emails. There's also the fact that I didn't even know the company's name until I arrived at the place. He never mentioned it in the ad or the emails. In my experience, companies only conceal that information like that when they don't want you to look them up online prior to the interview. Third red flag. The inside of this building was very small. But what mainly bothered me was the abruptness of the actual interview. He asked me a few vague questions about my capabilities, and that was it. He offered me the position and wanted me to started the next week. He didn't show much interest in my portfolio or my education, experience, etc. It was very rushed, which is odd considering this was supposed to be a graphic design position. What respectable company just hires a designer without discussing the designer's background in detail? Another red flag. The entire experience was just very shady.

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