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In order of priority what are most important aspects- people, processes, communications


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People are the most important aspect. If you don't have the right people, you can have all the processes you want, but it does not mean your business will succeed. It is the people that are at the heart of a businesses success.

Lori en


What if your "horrible resources" are the type who cannot or will not follow processes?...

Shout out to Jay back in 2013! en


Each of these items substitute each other though I would say communication is the first priority. Through communication we can understand the project criticality and priority to decide the process, patent and people required for the project. And as well we can always set the expectations right through timely communication.

Anónimo en


I disagree Lori... Process is most important. if you have the right process and controls in place, it wouldn't matter if you had horrible resources because the process kept them in order. Then, would be communication and people.

Jay en

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