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How would you sell me eggnog in Florida in the summer?


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I'd add rum and an umbrella and sell it as a cocktail.

Grant en


Frozen on a stick

ashley en


(grunch) (that's I determined my answer before reading other posts) freeze it and add rum.

path walker en


1) As part of a Christmas in July celebration. 2) Sell the eggnog over the summer for the inventory to be delivered in the winter.

Chris en


Agree with the Mr. & Mrs. Freeze. Freeze it (on a stick would be nice).

MarkFJ en


This is simply a question to determine your creativity, which is key for a marketing position. The first thing that came to my mind was to sell it as a key ingredient for a summertime alcoholic drink. Margaritas have strawberries, daiquiris have coconut, your drink has egg nog.

Tim en


Buy it now that is affordable, it will cost twice as much in the Winter. It is made with organic eggs and premium liquor, imported from Italy. I came with 10 boxes and now I only have 1 left. I am actually going back to Spain tomorrow. So, I will even offer you 2 bottles for the price of 1 and a half, since they need to go now!

Enrique Alvarez Diaz en


I'd sell it to you in a glass.

Steve en


My immediate response: "With a gun or Mickey Mouse." Then, of course, I'd go on to demonstrate my incredible marketing creativity by spinning out a quick campaign idea... probably involving Mickey...

Anónimo en

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