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How would you profile the processor utilization of a process on an embedded system?


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Answered that it could be done using procfs on an embedded linux system with kernel, but the interviewer said it was too high level and that I didn't have an OS which was odd since he said process. I then said a bare-metal program could use systick (or architecture specific implementation) or hardware timers to track WCET timing, still seemed to be an incorrect answer. I thought he might want a software approach and mentioned a few static profiling tools and schedulability calculations, but he didn't want that either. I eventually said you could mask interrupts, assert GPIO and track clock pulses but he didn't seem happy. I've thought this one over a lot but I'm not really sure what he was looking for...

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Possibly looking for a hardware solution for a timer / interrupt based process. We've used LEDs turned on/off by software during certain activities. Hook that up to a signal analyzer and you've got a detailed view of the timing.

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