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Holy COW was that a long, tedious, and incomprehensible PHONE INTERVIEW. First off, he was 10 minutes late. Second, he sounded 16 years old. Third, the questions he asked me were completely out of control difficult. Difficult in the sense that they.... MADE NO SENSE. Asking me what I would do to help Riots brand grow if a customer was unhappy, what sort of solutions would I have... first of all how can I possibly answer that question if I have no idea what the customer is upset with, what the current trends in dissatisfaction were, whether is was a technical problem or a personal or a market orrrrr? I had to ask him "I'm sorry under what exact circumstances are you referring" he then said "Oh yeah, I mean it's cool its a little tricky sorry, yeah. I mean what would you do if a customer was upset" - wtf does this have to do with Brand Strategy? I guess I would answer with a commpassionate tone, and see to it that the department is aware of the problem and then collectively determine if we needed to re-asses a specific niche of the game or the policies.. I mean what an outlandish thing to ask me? Then he asked me if I have ever screwed up, and why I screwed up in that job and how I felt after. I/e "have you ever failed and what did you do and then how did you feel after" - why is this beneficial. Are you serious? EVERYONE makes mistakes. How did I feel? I GOT OVER IT I MOVED ON. What do you want me to say, "I cried like a child and then I never wanted to work again!" - come on. I understand you are a gaming company. But lets not be the stereotype we all KNOW YOU ALL TO BE. Business is business. I felt that he was literally reading a bullet pointed list and probably playing LoL as we spoke. Then he asked me what my inner "Geek" was. So are you stereotyping people now because they play video games, or enjoy books, or binge watch documentaries? I mean why would you ask me that? What's my inner geek? Are you stereotyping your interviewees? To see if they can "hang with the geeks and nerds" - how dare you ask me that? I love reading books, I am obsessed with Lord Of the Rings, Old Vampire novels, Harry Potter, The Hobitt, Dune. Does this make me a NERD? Uh... that's pretty petty of you. Then he proceeded to ask me all these in depth questions about my previous work experiences and in which is sounds like I knew A CRAP TON more about the market then he did, but yet here he is working for Riot and asking me about Brand Strategy... hahah it was like bro am I teaching you things right now? Is this a lesson? You're welcome? We spoke for a little over an hour. WOWOWOWOW. There were a lot of questions that make no sense and are mind rattling. Like, they make you feel stupid because you don't quite understand the ask... so you say... "I'm sorry im not sure I understand what you're asking me right now.." for which he then said "yeah oh yeah um sorry um yeah, its ok its a little hard of a question um so anyway um" - wtf? This was probably one of the most bizarre interviews i've ever had. lol.


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Wow, it sounds like the interviewer did a great job of identifying a lot of reasons why they should never hire you.

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