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Adapt Worldwide

General questions related to your experience, previous clients, tools you work with, and they insist on question that ask or hint to whether you can do specialist tasks (content mainly as they cater to multiple markets). There is a test where they give you a client and ask you to analyze their current profile, make a strategy and a proposal for a particular budget under some particular conditions (current conversation rate and average order value). And after you present your proposal there is another meeting with the team and one more meeting with the hiring manager.

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I provided above expectations replies, wowed those attending to the presentation I put forward and what I received in return, at the final discussion with the hiring manager, was a reply saying "your salary expectations are unrealistic and sorry you mentioned them before this entire process, but we work with someone from India and they might not understand currencies". I hope no other person gets to experience the let down, waste of time and overall poor attention and consideration received from this company. It is really a statement of the fact that small sized agencies can well benefit from winning large scale clients because large scale companies are full of incompetent and untrained staff.

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