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Fake Doors needs both Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaign(s) to generate company (employer) leads. In other words, they need leads from companies who want to hire on-demand talent. They do NOT need campaigns to attract new freelance talent to their talent network. Fake Doors is looking for you to draft up and share important campaign components (ad copy, ad creative, landing page ideas, campaign structure, audiences, etc.) for their feedback. We are expecting these as part of your deliverables. In addition, we will have a kickoff call with the client to make sure we have everything we need to get started. The client had a few general questions (non-specific to their business) they would like discussed on the kickoff call. Draft up responses you would expect to share on the call. Google Ads: What are best-practices / strategies for scaling campaigns? What are SKAGs and should we use them? Why or why not? How can we leverage automated bidding strategies with no conversions? How do Conversion Action Sets work and when should we use them? Do you have any typical scripts that you’d recommend us to use? Facebook Ads: What are best-practices / strategies for scaling campaigns? What’s the difference between horizontal and vertical scaling? Is ROAS a good determinator of ads performance? What is delayed attribution and should we use it? Which should we use: Standard events vs Custom Events vs Custom Conversions? What are some ways to increase AOV on a product / service?

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This is not a brief for marketing strategy as the original job description and director level should entail. This is a questionnaire for tactical plan in executing two basic media platforms online. For an audition piece, this was boring and not innovative (but they're a startup boasting growth and innovation). If I wanted to show someone how well I run search and Facebook, I wouldn't apply to a director's role. That's a junior level function, which now as me believing these are sales oriented roles - hence the big title for basic know-how. So, I answered with several pages illustrating strategy across media, content and measurement. I even provided mock creative, execution details and where capabilities would need to exist to enable. I crafted a detailed audience archetype with qualifiers, KPI assumptions, and media performance baselines. They didn't ask for this, but I felt they should have! What did I get in return? A generic email stating my background wasn't what they were looking for. That gave me a good laugh, thought the audition piece was more important than my background?? This company asked for 2-3 hours of my time to audition with them before even speaking to anyone and I get a generic email that has no specifics to my application other than we had many apply. I doubt they even read it and I doubt why I even tried after I read their weak brief.

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Hey there - this is one of the Managing Partners at Galactic Fed. We are always 100% open to feedback, so we appreciate you sharing your experience. It's a bit hard to follow what this person is saying in their message above, but from what I understand, they are frustrated that they did not do well enough on a written assessment to pass to the next stage in the interview process. I understand - getting rejected from a company always stings. We previously gave detailed feedback by default in our rejection emails, but we had to stop doing this due to a few upset candidates trying to refute all of our notes. Now we only give rejection details when requested. Whoever wrote this - I'd invite you to please shoot us an email requesting feedback on why we rejected you, and we're happy to provide as much info as we can. I think everyone deserves the chance to see what they could have done better, so you can improve for your next interview. From the brief message you shared above, it sounds like you may not have followed the instructions fully. I can assure you we read every assessment in depth. Regarding the parameters of the assessment, we believe that all hires at Galactic Fed should be absolute experts in their zone of genius. So whether you're applying for an execution-focused specialist role or a management-focused director role, you need to have the technical chops in digital marketing. We hire people who "lead with expertise." Again, thank you for providing your feedback - nobody is perfect, and we are improving every day. My advice for you in your next assessment or interview would be to answer the questions asked of you directly, without trying to answer something off-topic.

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