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Explain me what has happened in this country during the last 10 years.


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I would first remark that there are a lot of different avenues in which one can find change over the last ten years. Music, art, pop culture, domestic politics, international affairs, business, technology, demography, medicine, etc, and then tackle each (or a select few) in turn. While doing so, explain the situation as it was 10 years ago, how it is now, and highlight several key transition points in the intervening years. Bonus points if you can find a major category in which there was no remarkable level of change, using specific examples or data points to make the case that 10 years has made little difference.

Dave en


The amount of data gained throught previous history began to double each year.

tigertim en


Besides LeBron James leaving Cleveland?

James en


i would guess that they are testing for reactions by asking this question, judging whether you would try to attempt to answer directly as dave did, try to BS your way through it, or make reactionary remarks based on broad generalizations. i would focus instead on the tools that might be useful in answering such a question, as well as probing for more information about the desired area of focus, etc.

pt en

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