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I had seen reviews of CLSA here still when I was called for interview I went there and wasted one day. so here is the story they were looking for 8-10 year exp guy still they shortlisted my profile that was 15 year of experience. Now my 1st round was done by a guy who himself had less than 10 yr exp and he had no positive vibe .. usually when you go for a interview you are greeted by an interviewer and made comfortable because you may be a future employee there.. here things are different. that guy had the sign of rejecting you from 1st minute and was looked like he don't wanted to recommend you because you were already 5 years more experienced than him. so he spoke to me for 20 min about technical stuff that was usual questions and then he left and asked to wait there as he will send his manager for second round. same thing happen in 2nd round look like he also was sure to reject you, he asked my current salary one in a good company ask this except HR.. technical panel never ask your current CTC and expectation ,,,,, so that shows he was thinking this guy will get more than my salary how can I let this happen. as I dont wanted to be rude or upset him I told him my salary and then he asked in the end this is a individual contributor role why you want to go for it you have 15 year exp and you can be a manager.. that was it and I came to know that they dont want to hire me. then why did they call for a face to face,..wasting my time and their time. over all I found the look and feel of the atmosphere inside the company was dull and look like people are underpaid or something . I did not find any single person wearing a smile or positive energy there. may be these guys did me a good favor by not selecting me.

HeloingDude en


Agree this is place has been going from bad to worst, now a days there are so many less candidates joining that TK has ordered his team that no offer letters to be given as hard or soft copies and same will be given after candidates join. Also existing vendor staff are being offered in desperation which too are rejected by candidates. Some more people are fired almost every other month. no growth as chinese company doesnt want to grow in india anymore.

CLSA Fan en


no option you need to know him and have understanding on how to work with him

Anónimo en


Yes, I totally agree with this. You don't have option. If you don't know big boss, you can not enter CLSA.. He should be convinced that you will become part of his "group"!!!! and you will give him company in his political agendas!

Helpless Employee en

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