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Describing a full redundant, resilient, multi region servers (no point of failure, live 24/7) dns, load balancers, firewalls, applications servers, and Databases.


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I attempted to setup on aws but the guy insisted to do something else saying he is better on aws and there could be a question that i cant answer so he asked me to do something that i did before (i am not sure how many people in the world did a setup like this anyways) so I tried to do something with conventional way , it wast that good because it is not possible to do it with out a cloud infrastructure.

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I guess the guy was talking about 100% availabilty is subjective to the acceptable RPO/RTO as with 0 values you will have an absolute availability figure to achieve, which is impossible. The Web and Business logic tiers are easy to scale horizontally, the point here is the DB/Data tier that is not possible to scale effectively with 100% consistency, especially when you talk multi regional, if you have active passive cluster there is a limit on how far you can place these.. several tens of miles with direct FO connectivity.. now the alternative was redundancy with snapshot replication, but here again, you will loose the last snapshot update to failure data.. With Dynamo DB or MySql replications even in the cloud there will still be an RPO

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You can deploy Web, application and data tier in two geographically different datacenters with traffic routed to the webtier through DNS weighted or round-robin to the Loadbalancer VIP. You can deploy multiple nodes of LB, applicaition and database for hardware redundancy. Similarly redundany on your routers, firewalls and loadbalancers in each location. The databaces need to be in active/active or active/standby by using various replication mechanisms to serve the customer traffic.

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There is no such thing is as no downtime, who ever claiming that is lying. want proof? search google for "amazon downtime" you will see lots of them, so if they claim that you can make no downtime setup via aws , so i am asking why they cant do it for their website, i am not talking about aws services even just the web site. plus most of the services they claim to be globally available, elastic, ...etc its not %100 true. The guy who was an system architect at amazon was so proud of himself that he knows how to setup no downtime setup not in just 1 way but multiple ways, obviously he has no idea what he was talking about and he himself even probably believes in this lie. if there is such thing possible than we wouldn't see, , websites down ever, which is not the reality.

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