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Describe in detail sourcing methods you've used.


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I will answer this in 2 parts: Comment (for the candidate ears only) - I would put this company at the bottom of my list personally because this type of question is more about intelligence gathering than anything else. Answer - My sourcing methods are what make me unique for any sourcing role because each company has it's own unique place in their domain / industry such as their reputation with candidates or history with their recruiting/hiring process that helps me plot my path to establish my detailed sourcing methods for a particular company and open position. Once that is established , broad relevant candidate's technical skills for the role are gathered, then unique to the role / team relevant skills make the next cut, then resumes/profiles are read line by line & those are the candidates I call/email to make my hit rate high for responses after I personalize the email or prep myself for the call. These are the detailed sourcing methods I use and the tools are Boolean searches, social media proof/footprints, Customized Google Search Engines and finally my network of candidates I've established over the last 20 years. Note: Seems long but I timed it and it took 58 seconds to say the above. After you answer the question just shut-up and wait for their response. Don't give away too much information because otherwise what do they need you for then ? I always say you have to pay for me to relay anything that you can implement today :-)

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Boolean etc...

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