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Envié una solicitud electrónica. El proceso duró 1 día. Acudí a una entrevista en Davies Law Firm (Syracuse, NY) en feb. 2011


I found an ad for this job posted on Craigslist. I submitted my resume and received an email back asking me to call the office. I did so and I set up an interview with an assistant over the phone. I came in first thing in the morning so that I could attend the interview before going to work at the part time job I held. I pulled in the lot minutes before the owner arrived and rode the elevator up with him. He told me he was impressed that I was early. I sat with him and 3 other employees (that was it) and he told me everything about his firm, the job, himself, the other assistants, etc. I felt very comfortable and every one seemed amicable. He barely asked me any questions and told me to call the next day.

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