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Actualizado el 25 oct 2012

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Interviewed with seven - yes, SEVEN - different people to make sure everyone thought I was a good fit. Turns out I was a good fit for the job but the benefits just weren't there. Pay was on low side for what appeared to be working for several "chiefs". Why couldn't they trust the office manager to screen applicants or negotiate salary? That told me off the bat no respect or autonomy for her position, and what was probably in store for me. Unnecessary to interview so many times. Questions were redundant and wasted my time. One of the owners even phoned me for an interview. Everyone I spoke with was very friendly, knowledgeable and wanted to make it work. It seemed like a great group of people. However, the pay and benefits just weren't there. They were all very preoccupied with making sure whomever they hire would actually show up for work and not take sick days. However, there was no vacation time for the first year. Then for the next three years only one week of vacation time. This may have worked if they were generous with the starting salary and vacation time.

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  • What would you consider a good reason to call in and not show up for a day?
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