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Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Sunnyvale, CA

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I applied and I received a call from a recruiter within a week. She was working a third-party but was under contract and from a different state. However she was wonderful and pleasant to talk to. She scheduled an interview for me with the hiring manager the following week. The real/first interview was an hour video call with the hiring manager. He didn't have his camera on. He was the engineering manager of that group... This is when I felt uncomfortable. Within 10-15 minutes of the interview when I was speaking about my background and experience, I felt disrespected and a bit of distrust. I want to think he meant well and maybe he had a bad day. It was the attitude and the way he said things. Half way through the interview I didn't want to continue anymore, but I finished to the end out of courtesy and hoping things will be better. For the rest of the interview, it was more technical which fine. I was asked about the work I do and how I specifically do things, i.e. pick out components, make parts and drawings for manufacturing, pick out a motor/pump etc. It got a bit too detailed that I didn't know what purpose was the interviewer trying to get out of me. Was it how I think, work, do things specifically, etc. I was happy it ended, but I felt terrible at the end. I felt imposter syndrome throughout the day. I gave some thought and decided to withdraw from the application process. I didn't feel like I would fit in or be happy working in that team. Hiring managers and companies have to keep in mind that candidates are interviewing them, too. I don't want to say Cepheid is a bad place to work. I heard good things about the place. Maybe it just the specific group or an off day.

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  • Do you know and use GD&T in your drawings?
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  • How do you pick out a pump?
  • What happens if the liquid is high viscosity?
  • What would you on a drawing to ensure mating parts are at exactly where they are mated/assembled?
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Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Sunnyvale, CA

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Save yourself time and do not interview for this company for two major reasons. Company is Old with no or little technology breakthrough since early 2000 and super slow process with irresponsible and irresponsive third-party talent acquisition company, Personify. 1 phone interview with HR, 1 phone interview with hiring manager, on-site interview with on-site tour. The company is in Bay Area while Personify is located in the east coast which makes the process slow. The HR I worked with was simply irresponsive and irresponsible. I took another offer before he would get back to me.

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