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Received a phone call (that I missed) and email late at night; I called back and responded to the email and didn't receive a response for approximately 3 days. The HR rep called me back and was far too concerned with what I made at the time and what I made in the past, however she did ask some situational and experience questions. After revealing what I made, she had commented that my salary was within the ballpark of what they were willing to pay, but in the end, they offered me $10k less than I was making what what I wanted to make. The onsite interview was pretty straight-forward; a presentation as well as individual meetings with potential coworkers. The coworkers all seemed great and all of their questions were a mix of situational questions and technical/experience questions. Only had one sort of quizzing question about chemistry. However, I need to comment on the two HR reps I was in contact with; they were terrible at communication. They wanted me to interview less than a week away after initial phone screenings but I was travelling across the country to interview and I was currently employed; a little lead time is great to plan work vacation time around said interview. After the interviewing, the background check was a tedious process, with HR constantly asking for W2s and paystubs, which I duly blacked out all numbers outside of my SSN, EIN, and name. Ultimately, the HR people were the ones that convinced me to not accept their offer even though the offer itself was borderline offensive. The whole process took approximately 16 weeks to reach an offer stage from application submittal and 8-10 weeks to reach an offer stage from initial contact with the HR rep.

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