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Pregunta de entrevista

Entrevista para Head of Country Barcelona

Business case This will take around 30 hours to complete, I

  produced a 40 slide deck for a 2h30 presentation in Barcelona with 8 people sitting at the table bombarding questions. Be wary some have really poor ESL skills, so Spanish will be a plus

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As GM present a case to be #1 player in your country for the next 12 months with 3.5M€ in budget (total burn rate for the 12 months). See attached P&L. The case is supposed to represent the real situation, feel free to use real available data/content or assume data that is not shared.
● The team has 9 people: 1 GM, 1 marketing analyst, 1 sales lead, 2 sales people, 2 account managers, 1 ops mgr, 1 ops mgr jr
● Glovo is present in cities XYZ
● Competitors stats:
○ Uber Eats: 75k orders / month.
● What would you recommend for the country?
● What would be the ideal situation by the end of the year? What are we aiming
● How much would you invest in marketing? In what channels would you invest?
What would be the strategy?
● What would be the strategy in sales/partners? And in ops?
● Any other recommendations? Anything team-related?

Candidato a entrevista el 24 oct. 2019

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