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Entrevista de Presumably A Leadership Role -- They Don't' Have Titles (But Do Have A Chief Executive Officer/Exec Committee)!



Be prepared to speak about how you don't care at all about structure, how you're willing to take a huge pay cut for an ill-defined job that (if it doesn't work out) won't necessarily give you any transferable skills, how you are obsessed with their ill-defined positions and organization. Those who have been there for a long time seem really to drink the kool aid and they expect you to stroke their egos about how wonderful it is to work at a flat organization that pays you poorly, apparently treats its employees poorly, and doesn't even know what they want you to do if you're "lucky" enough to be hired. And their recruiter was among the least professional with whom I've ever dealt. After such a negative interview experience, I decided -- appropriately I'm sure -- not to work there. If this is how they treat candidates, how do they possibly treat employees?


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