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Asked personal questions and pried when I didn't feel comfortable disclosing close and personal information. Asked if I thought was qualified for this position. Asked about my history and background in sales.


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When asked why I left corporate America for a few years, I told her that I had to move home for personal issues and help my family out in a time of need. She asked twice what the problem was and why I didn't want to seek out a better job. (I was serving at the time, and was making amazing money, sorry I wasn't in a rush to be a slave to the man again). Since a Mondo recruiter sought ME out, telling ME I had all of the qualifications and more for this position, I had already assumed I possessed at least some of the skills and requirements they needed... So as I list them out, I instantly get shot down and belittled for "not having any sales experience in a true sales environment." WHAT THE...????? She was so rude and beyond fake I could barely even get the words out of my mouth to answer anything appropriately or how I prepared for. I almost walked out 10 minutes into the interview and left with the most anxiety I've ever had. The reviews I read about all of the Account Director positions were completely accurate. I would NEVER recommend anyone to work for this company, I can only assume you will be miserable (like the reviews say!) and a slave to a group of egotistical dictators who truly will never give one s*&% about your well-being. Thanks for the waste of time Mondo!

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I had the same experience, never felt more belittled and demeaned. Nobody should have to go through that interview process especially when sought out by a recruiter who tells you "you'd be a great fit based on your experience!" Advice to Mondo: Entry level means entry level at the end of the day. If not, change your requirements to 3 years of experience and no "college jobs" are excepted.

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