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A race track is 2 miles long. You travel the first mile at an average speed of 30 mph. How fast must you travel the second mile to have a total average speed of 60 mph?


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Not possible.

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Here's the problem with your answer, Mariano: You traveled 2 miles in 2 min and 40 seconds. That is not 60 mph, but rather 45 mph. Remember that it is a 2 mile racetrack. 2 miles must be completed in 2 minutes in order to average 60 mph.

Jordan en


This is possible: if you first mile have speed=30m/h , then second mile you must have a speed=90m/h and then you have a average speed of 60 m/h. The time what will use don't metter but in this case you used : 1 m , 30m/60 m = 0,5m/minut --> t= 2 minuts 1 m , 90m/60*60 = 0,025 m/second --> t= 40 sg Total time = 2,40 minuts

Mariano en


Here's why it is not possible to average 60 mph. To average 60 mph, you have to cover one mile per minute, two miles in two minutes. If you travel one mile at 30 mph, you will use two minutes. So you have no time let for the second mile. I was asked this same question, and several other brain teasers, for an entirely different job. A little of this was fine, but in the end it became obvious that the company had a cookie cutter way of doing things. They were more interested in brain teasers than relevant experience. That doesn't seem like the best way to serve the customers.

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