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A un 3D Generalist and Vfx le preguntaron...11 de septiembre de 2015

will you stay with us for a long time or not

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if i like the place and work, then ya will stay for a long time

Saudi Aramco

They gave me some project and discussed about the details of the project

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Was tough but it was had experience of those kind of projects, so that was I handled easily. Menos


What are the softwares do you use for modeling, texturing, lighting & rendering. Explain details of each software and why you prefer them over the others?

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I use Maya for Modeling, Substance painter for texturing, Arnold for Lighting and rendering. I also use Nuke for basic compositing. Menos

Blur Studio
A un 3D Generalist le preguntaron...26 de septiembre de 2020

former employer, years of experience and define your skills

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Just be confident about yourself


What software do you work on?

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I told them about the software i most commonly worked on.

Malouf Companies

How good are you at accepting feedback?

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Although feedback is something everyone needs, it can be difficult for me to receive, especially if the objectives of an assignment haven't been clearly defined. Accepting feedback graciously is something I am always working on. Menos


If I could rig in Maya.

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Truthfully, I’m not the greatest at rigging. It’s not something we went over as much in school. Menos


Describe a situation where you were unable to meet a deadline and how you tailored your work to it.

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I spoke about an instance where I was working on a project that I knew I wouldn't have much time for, so I made the choice to use a simplistic style to lower the workload. Menos


Do you know how to code?

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Yes, I had some code experience in the past

Mavericks VFX
A un 3D Generalist le preguntaron...13 de septiembre de 2019

What's the difficult part of the process

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Why would you apply for this position

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