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Rockstar Games
A un 3D Environment Artist le preguntaron...21 de agosto de 2023

I was asked to describe the developement process of one of my portfolio piece.

Vela Games

Whats your approach to modular environment building

Rage Quit Games

What projects have you worked on? What is your expected salary?

Do I have the opportunity to learn new software?

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Yes, because I am interested in my professional growth.


What is the IP of your dreams? Which companies would you like to work in? Where do you see yourself in 5 years

They asked about my preferences when working in the environment, what softwares I prefer, my background, and other standard questions.


All matters of generic questions: Tell me a little bit about yourself, how well do you work in teams, how well do you work remotely, what is your process for creating ''insert one of your portfolio pieces'', etc.


experiencia previa, predisposición a seguir aprendiendo, juegos favoritos y que juegas en la actualidad.

Ironbelly Studios

What would be 1 question you would ask an applicant if you were the interviewer.

FiftyFive Technologies

How do you approach an environment concept for any scene?

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