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GREE International Entertainment
A un Lead 3D Environment Artist le preguntaron...15 de agosto de 2013

Only the producer had actually looked at my portfolio AT ALL--ridiculous--so it necessitated hand-holding them through the material. The facility TD also asked technical details on work that was more than 5 years old--not details for things like how something was created, but odd specifics like why are certain wireframes green and why are others purple. (this was grouping info for the game engine, but beyond that I couldn't remember what else it may have been used for

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annoying hand-holding through my entire portfoilio


Will you be comfortable with a salary of $500 per month

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Absolutely not. It is way too low.


Tablet What kind of tablet do you use? Wacom? Cintiq?

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I use a Cintiq


Sabes inglés? Estarías dispuesto a ir a Barcelona?

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Pues Claro! I speak the English.

The Judge Group

Do you have any experience with low or high poly modeling?

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Yes, in Maya, 3DS Max, and Zbrush, as listed on my resume.

Santa Monica Studio

How important is ZBrush for texturing?

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ZBrush for me, is about 50% or more of the texturing process.

Mels Studios et Postproduction

What were you doing at your last job ?

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Typical answers, saying what i was doing at my last job. To be honest, no "peculiar" question was asked Menos

Toys for Bob

How much experience do you have with cartoon-style games?

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I've worked in a variety of art styles for games, including at least three cartoon-style titles. Menos

Smashing Graphics Game Studios

Describe a specific project, teamwork situations, work ethic...

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Talked about projects from my portfolio and gave specific examples from real situations Menos

MPCE Episodic

are you ready to relocate?

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