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A un 3D Game Artist le preguntaron...7 de septiembre de 2015

They give me test file to make game assets with in a day.Test was not so difficult just Average i used 3D application to make it properly.

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I just completed the test file accordingly.and submitted all the row files to techinical head and seniour game artist. Menos

I just completed the test file accordingly.and submitted all the row files to techinical head and seniour game artist. Menos

I just completed the test file accordingly.and submitted all the row files to techinical head and seniour game artist. Menos

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Everything was straight forward. The tell you sweet nothings and empty lies if they want you. Trick you to accept the job on false pretenses.

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When I started in January 2014, there was mention of the creative department splitting into an "independent studio", promise of working on a Mac for the 2D team, and a whole lot of talk about transforming the new space into a cool work space just for the creative team that eventually changed to sharing the new space with multiple departments and not doing much about the interior work other than putting up a few decals on the walls. It's not much of a job if you're looking to move forward in your career, continue loving the work you do, or enjoy going to work every day. Menos

Find another job. This company is not a place to work or make a living off of. Do not expect to make over $34,000.00. They claim to be "salary" but its only salary if it favors the big wigs wallets. other than that, people are a glorified hourly wage. Menos

343 Industries

Are you willing to work long hours?

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I would be willing to work overtime, but only with fair compensation; I may love the work I do, but I'm but I also want to payed for the hard work I'm doing. Menos


What projects did i work on?

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What is my art strength?

Controlled Chaos Media

What my favorite video game was

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final fantasy 7

GREE International Entertainment

Only the producer had actually looked at my portfolio AT ALL--ridiculous--so it necessitated hand-holding them through the material. The facility TD also asked technical details on work that was more than 5 years old--not details for things like how something was created, but odd specifics like why are certain wireframes green and why are others purple. (this was grouping info for the game engine, but beyond that I couldn't remember what else it may have been used for

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annoying hand-holding through my entire portfoilio

DAEDALIC Entertainment

What are your goals?

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Be part of a ever growing company that is always looking to innovate in the field of computer games Menos

What are my motivations and my objectives?

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Honestly and with the clear thought that my motivation is to get better

Are you willing to do everything other than the designated position?

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Yes, I can also do other things other than my designated position but of course I will be more productive if I am very well focused of what I'm really paid to do. Menos

Corus Entertainment

How do your abilities translate to various types of art styles such a stylized design?

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My work showcases both organic and inorganic surfaces which covers any type of surface from hard to soft, as well as an understanding in weathered texturing which can easily be translated into a clean look. Menos

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