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Redchillies vfx
A un 3D Animator le preguntaron...20 de julio de 2012

you must be ready to work long shifts as of the work

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I am ready to work long shifts as of the work

I am a dedicated personal and work towards the benefit of the organisation

I am a dedicated, organised and methodical individual

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Atomic Cartoons

where did I go to school

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2D arts.

Dibujo, Colorida, Esculturas, Tallados etc.

I am ready

DQ Entertainment
A un 3D Animator le preguntaron...16 de noviembre de 2013

Not many questions asked. Only difficult thing might be the animation test...

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DQ Entertainment

why u r changed company

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working with big good company

Between better than expected results

Jellyfish Pictures

Can you stay on character when you animate?

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Yes, of course.

last night

Jellyfish Pictures

Can you animate 30 seconds of polished animation per week?

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Yes I can!

I will animate 9 seconds per day .

Penerbitan Pelangi

How old am i

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25 years old


Xentrix Studios

what you about Xentrics

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Yes in website they not maintained well, there is no proper information about company, whether they are in game filed are film field Menos

Expect you do full homework regarding company. But what ever info they put on company website or other social networking platform is either outdated or incomplete. Menos

Huminah Huminah Animation

how soon are you available to work?

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as soon as possible!

A un 3D Animator le preguntaron...14 de noviembre de 2017

About my experience in 3D Animation

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I talked about my latest jobs.

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