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Penerbitan Pelangi
A un 2D/3D Animator le preguntaron...11 de julio de 2017

How old am i

2 respuestas

25 years old


Panelto Foods

How are you?

1 respuestas

Not bad, lack a job is all.

Snipple Animation Studios

What skill set do i have

1 respuestas

Gave info on skills i have learned

Dusty Studio

It was a very chill interview-he just asked me to tell me about myself

1 respuestas

I went over my resume and briefly went over all my school experiences and my limited industry experiences because I was a recent grad. Menos

A un 2D Animator le preguntaron...28 de noviembre de 2022

what your opinion about visual of quipper

1 respuestas

My personal opinion, visual of quipper is quite simple and focus on the content. The visual of the animation is simple to easy to understand by the user which is elementary school to junior highschool Menos

A un 2D Animator le preguntaron...28 de septiembre de 2019

About Old experience

1 respuestas

Told my all Experience

Dream Logo Design

Q. Have you worked on concept art before?

1 respuestas

I have done freelancing.

PIC Group

They asked if I would be comfortable for the company. I was also asked if I was familiar with choosing color schemes for web menus.

1 respuestas

I answered both questions positively, yes.


Why Akartha?

1 respuestas

To Explore my potential, I will consider this opportunity

Blue Ant Media

What got you interested in our company?

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I told them I was interested in doing adult comedy animation which their studio specialized in. Menos

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