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Actualizado el 11 feb. 2019

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Solicité el puesto a través de la recomendación de un empleado. El proceso duró 2 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en 21 Buttons (Barcelona) en ene. 2019


1. A recruiter called me and we had a phone call of about 30 mins. The recruiter was nice, open, and approachable. She explained to me key elements of the company for me to have more info. Afterwards, she asked me to tell her a bit about myself. The whole conversation was smooth and nice; it didn't feel like a screening at all. 2. The new VP of marketing and I had a call on hangouts of about 1 h. The call again didn't feel like an interview but more like a vision and marketing organization conversation. The questions were focused on how would I develop a content strategy, what I had done in my previous role, what I thought about different content sources, etc. 3. 5 people from the 21B team interviewed me in their offices. Each person interviewed me for about 30 minutes and then I had a final meeting with the Marketing VP. The interviews had a nice and informative tone. All the interviewers showed me that they cared about my interest in the company and also asked me relevant questions about my experience and the different areas that they cover. From influencer marketing to product feedback, it felt like an open (even if slightly too long) conversation rather than an interview. The interviews covered behavioral, technical, and cultural fit. All along the way, the recruiter had been checking in with me and making sure to answer any questions I had. I quit the process before getting any offer because I had found another job not related to content that better fit what I wanted to do next.

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