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100 drivers apply to uber to be a driver. X percent does not have city knowledge, y of them miss their screening meetings, z of them did not passed background check and can apply in 6 months etc etc.. Base on listed constraints, how many of them can start with Uber?


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100-XUYUZ U= Union

Anaon en


The above answers are wrong. The answer is xUy. U=Union. You do not need city knowledge to drive for Uber.

Mark en


Correction above.... It's yUz where U=union.

Anónimo en


I think the answer here is that all of them can start with Uber. You would want to split it into who can go through the process immediately (or within the next 6 months) and the group who failed the background check (who may be eligible 6 months from now, though unlikely). The X% who don't have the city knowledge can be taught, the Y% who missed their screening meetings can be rescheduled. The significant cost involved with acquiring new drivers (getting them to apply) would likely warrant these actions.

Anónimo en


20%-25% can start

MAL en


Depends on the overlap...

B en


100 - max(x,y)

Anónimo en

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