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D. E. Shaw India

1. You were driving a truck, your combined weight(yourself & the truck) is 1 ton & you have a bridge to cross which can sustain max 1 ton weight. When you reach the middle of the bridge, a bird weighing 500 gms sits on the bonnet of the truck. However you cross the bridge safely without it crashing. When the max weight the bridge could take is 1 ton, then why didnt the bridge crash?

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by the time the truck reached the center of the bridge, it had burned away enough of its fuel to compensate for the weight of the bird i.e. the truck had burned away more than or equal to 500gms of fuel.

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The weight of the bird nullifies the normal reaction occured by the weight of the truck and driver. So the bridge didn't break

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What kind of questions do they ask in the 3rd round of the interview?

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Since the bird sat on truck in the middle of journey. torque =r*F(at the moddle r=0 , r will increase when the truck moves toward the other end of the bridge.When the truck will reach at the end the torque will be maximum but at that time truck would have covered the bridge, so the bridge did not crash)

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