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Director(a) general Stephen J Squeri de American Express
93%Stephen J Squeri
Director(a) general Ivan Walter de STA Travel
61%Ivan Walter
% que recomendaría a un amigo
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Customer Service Representative2 sueldos
19.307 €/año
Travel Consultant2 sueldos
143.673 €/año
Team Leader1 sueldos
32.552 €/año
No hay sueldos que coincidan con esta empresa.

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Empleado actual - Software Engineer

He trabajado como/a jornada completa en American Express durante más de un año


They have fantastic pay for the position you're in, and they teach you interesting and engaging utility of modern technology mixed with legacy fundamentals. I've learned quite a bit while AmEx while... getting paid more than fairly - I'd recommend a stretch here to whomever may be reading this!


The Company is huge, and at times it may take more than a little time to get recognized for your abilities and the growth you've had. There's a reason there is a "only way up is out" reputation... exists for some enterprise companies...

Consejos para la Dirección

Do 6-month evaluations with serious consideration for interior promotions before out-side-in hiring. Then hire only at the bottom level (entry). Let tech. decide when/who to promote for tech. because... business holds the wallet, but doesn't necessarily know what's best.

Exempleado - Internationals Travel Consultant

He trabajado menos de un año como jornada completa en STA Travel


Travel Incentive trips, the cool people you'll work with, the ever changing environment and team spirits. It's a great company to meet people and socialise in - of course depending on which store... you're in!


Terrible pay and sales targets take the joy out of travelling for you - You can make good money here, if you don't mind selling some of your morals and convincing people to take expensive trips... whilst adding on all the extras which many can't afford - just keep in mind, it's not a job about how much you love travelling, it is a sales role after all.

Consejos para la Dirección

You need to find a way to reduce your staff turnover - create more progression for people within your stores and get them involved in other aspects of the business such as marketing and creating... local partnerships because this will add value to their role and job satisfaction. For goodness sake, drop the NVQ's you make new staff do - they're totally a waste of your company time

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